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Date: August 17, 2011
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor was great - we really enjoyed ourselves. But I have to say that your guide was indispensable - we used it every day for food recommendations to movie recommendations (we went to "Reel Pizza") to park recommendations, etc. I'm sure hundreds, if not thousands, of people have used it over the last few years.


Date: September 9, 2010
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Acadia Park and Bar Harbor

Dear Bermels,
What a lucky find it was for us to come upon your guide one week before leaving for our first trip to Maine. It was exactly what we were looking for. All the travel books we bought were not as useful as your guide. Sunset on Cadillac was the height of our week, along with the hike up the ladders at Echo Lake. Thanks for sharing your intimate knowledge of Acadia with us. We felt like you were there with us, guiding us along to every special place. And Fiddler's Green was certainly a nice restaurant! Good pick!
Dave and Karen J., Chevy Chase, MD

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Acadia Guide

Dear Larry,
Before I even unpack from our trip I wanted to thank you for sharing your intimate knowledge of Acadia Park and Bar Harbor. My husband and two daughters agree with me that it was the best vacation we've ever had, and much is due to your guidance and insight. I can't think of a better place for a family that loves the outdoors! We rented a house in Pretty Marsh and visited almost every spot you recommended. I think my girls are like yours - they love to climb and hike and were ready to hit the trails every morning. We had a very special moment while hiking along the cliffs over Echo Lake when an eagle swooped down and landed in a nearby tree. Except for having to pack up and leave on our last day, I don't think there was a moment on the island we didn't enjoy. We will certainly be heading back there next year.

On behalf of my family, thanks again.

Warm regards,
Alyssa T., from Roslyn Heights, NY

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Bar Harbor

You know, it's been a while since we started going to Bar Harbor, and one of the first things we found about the area was your website.  Over the years, it has been an invaluable resource, and the information is just as fresh and pertinent as it was in 2002, 2003, etc.  It's 2005 now, and we are renting our 5th apartment (with two kids, we feel it's the most economical way to go, since we don't camp), and we thank you every year for putting that bug in our ear.  Before our trip each year, I go back to your website (like I did just now) and reviewed, and lo and behold, there was something you mentioned that we have left undone!

Thanks again for the love of the place that shines through, and for sharing the "secrets"-

-Jill M., BH since 2000

Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Thanks!


We just returned from heaven or Acadia. What an inspiring place. Thank you so much for your website. It really helped us pack a lot into our brief visit. We had such a great time exploring the park and your tips were so informative. The views from Cadillac Mountain are fantastic- even as the fog rolled in. It was very relaxing to sit at Jordon Pond and have popovers with jam. Even our three boys, ages three to eleven, enjoyed it. I had printed out some of your tips and put them in with my travel guides, your tips were by far the best.The whole family had a great time and we have already booked next summers adventures. A new restaurant has opened in town. It's called MacKays Publick House. The bangers and mash were great and the service the best. The only bad part about our time was that is was only four days.

Thanks for the great tips,

     The Reichardt Family

Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 12:36:46 -0700
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Acadia National Park

Hi Larry,

I love your website. My husband and I were married on Otter Point very close to where your picture of "Michele's favorite spot on this planet" was taken. It is truly the most beautiful spot on this planet!

Thanks so much for the pictures,
Terry A.

Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 20:49:36 -0500
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Acadia National Park

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bermel,

My name is Rayna, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your guide to Mount Desert Island. My boyfriend and I visited it this summer in August, and I believe it had the same affect on us as it did on the two of you. It captured a special place in my heart, and I miss it every day. I live in Columbia, Missouri, so I won't get the chance to visit as often as I'd like to.

After visiting your website today, I realized that there is a lot about the island that we missed when we were there. We spent too much time in Bar Harbor, and not enough on the hiking trails. We didn't research the island enough before we came, and it took a couple of days before we realized what it had to offer. Your guide has inspired me to go back as soon as possible and discover all that is there. The last day that we were there we took the Gorham Mountain trail up to the summit, then down to the Bowl, then back up towards Champlain Mountain. The only problem was that it was a hot August day, and we didn't have any water with us. We didn't make it to Champlain, but instead turned around and went back toward the Beehive and out to Park Loop Road to the car. We both love to hike, and are fairly experienced, but we didn't realize that there were so many connecting trails, and didn't think we'd need water. But we did, of course. We were disappointed that our thirsty bodies couldn't keep going, but hopefully we'll get the chance to return someday and take it all in.

Thanks for your wonderful guide!

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002
From: Ed C.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: The Blue Door


WOW! Do you know Acadia or what! First off I've got to say thanks SO much in suggesting the "Blue Door". What a keeper! The sunsets were great! And what a perfect location. We covered a lot of ground for one week, and will definitely return. What a BEAUTIFUL place. And amazing painting locations. I referred to your website suggestions a lot and you were right on. It was the joke of the week among my friends. "What did Larry say!" Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line and say Thanks so much! There need to be more people like you on this planet!

Ed C.

Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002
From: Bill U.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Great Site, Great Vacation

Hi, got back from Bar Harbor/Acadia a couple weeks ago and wanted to give kudos to your website. I usually invest in a Frommer's or similar type travel guide before traveling to maximize our vacation time and dollars. I have to say your site was extremely helpful.

We probably would have picked some good places anyway, but your concise and honest site was just the ticket, especially the restaurant section. On day 4, I actually found myself giving recommendations to my kayaking mates, with your site in the back of my head. BTW, it was Nat'l Park Sea Kayak Tours and it was worth every penny.

We hit just about every restaurant on your list, and hopefully the following will provide helpful info to help feeding updated reviews to your site. It's the least we can do.

As far as Rupununi's, Lompoc & The Pier, great choices, nothing new to report there. However, a few that were also excellent were: Chart Room on Rt. 3 (more family-ish, great deck right on the water), Goombah's Pizza on Cottage (more a sports pub, great pizza and about 14 good beers on tap, pretty cheap), Jack Russell's Brew Pub (OK, so I love beer, but would highly recommend lunch outside in the garden) and finally Dreamwood Drive-In across from Pirate's Cove Min. Golf (also outdoor seating, excellent burgers and an adjacent ice cream shop). Also recommend Bagel Factory on Cottage-lady owner provides the entertainment for free. We also did Beal's-sunset on the pier with the lobster boats coming was just a like a post card. I can't believe more people hadn't heard of the place.

Non-restaurant info: Cadillac Mtn Sports per your recommendation was excellent. Bar Harbor Bikes (next to Goombah's) on Cottage had great rental service and quick in & out. I think I already plugged Nat'l Park Sea Kayaks and lastly the Acadia Inn was very good. It is only about 3 years old. Pretty generic, but very clean firendly and conveniently on the shuttle path. Also had a pool (allegedly heated) and jacuzzi (actually heated) in the back.

Thanks so much for provding a quality website. We will have to go back.

Best regards.

Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002
From: William & Melissa J.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: The guide was a gift!

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Acadia National Park and we had a fantastic time!! We drove 16 hours from Ohio and it was well worth the trip. We followed your guide which was very helpful and my husband kept saying, "Who is this guy recommending these places anyways?" I kinda felt like we had a tour guide helping us a long the way.

Our first stop was the Precipice trail and we had no idea what kind of hike this was even with your description. I believe we were both terrified as we climbed up with the metal bars and hugged around the rocks at almost vertical ascents! We made it though and it was the best hike and later we found out it was the most difficult! Keep in mind this was our first stop so every other hike was cake. We also hiked the beech cliffs and the Beehive. The Beehive was very similar to the precipice but you were right - there were a lot less bars. Hikes of these kind were great and I would love to do more if you or anyone knows of some.

We also did all your other recommended sightseeing outings - Otter Point, Thunder Hole, Jordan Pond, etc. and everything was beautiful. The ocean and mountain views were gorgeous!!!

Bar Harbor was where we spent every evening of our trip. We ate out at most of your recommended spots: Poorboys, Rupununis, Geddys and they were all pretty good. I think Geddys had the best atmosphere with all the memorabilia on the walls. One place that we really enjoyed was Reel Pizza. It was so cool that you could eat dinner while watching a movie - there are little counter tops in front of the movie seats and a bingo board tells you when your order is ready. The pizza was scrumptious too. Very unique and very memorable. The shops were great, especially Bark Harbor with all the pet goodies.

We did do a naturalist cruise which was great and gave you a different perspective of the park. Also we went to Northeast Harbor, Pretty Marsh, Bass Lighthouse, Somesville, and it was like you said it would be.

The only bad side of our trip was the hotel. I wish you could recommend a basic hotel that is not too pricey. The hotel we stayed at was o.k. - at least we just slept there.

Over all we had a great great time. Thank you for your guide - I wish every vacation spot had a guide like yours!!

We will definitely be back again to Acadia it was a gem.

Thanks again!!! We loved the hikes the best!

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001
From: Laney
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Guide to Acadia

I found your guide to be quite valuable during our visit to Acadia National Park in September. The hiking and scenery were magnificent. We had a wonderful time. We biked, hiked, kayaked, whale-watched, and ate lobsters. Our experience there leads me to suggest an alternate lobster pound for your next visit to the island. We ate at Beal's and it was fine, however, we found Thurston's Lobster pound (in Benard, not far from Bass Harbor) to be superior. The view was prettier. The lobsters were fuller (yes, I realize that's partly the luck of the draw). And it had proper lobster pound ambiance, if there is such a thing. The only way to be sure that Beal's remains the number one choice is to compare! Thanks for making a great guide to Acadia so accessible!

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001
From: Rob W.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Thank You!
We spent 5 days at Acadia National Park in early September, using your site as our strategic planner. We loved it. My wife has now adopted the park as her favorite place on the planet, so you'll have to move over. We visited all parts of the park accessible by car and stopped often to hike and take pictures. One of my personal highlights was that she was drenched at Thunder Hole, and the whole crowd erupted with cheer and laughter (I was climbing the rocks elsewhere). Had popovers outside at Jordan Pond House (scrumptious!) and took a 2 hour horse-drawn ride on the carriage roads.

Unfortunately, the excitement of the trip was offset by the WTC disaster which happened while we were there. Beal's Lobster Pound closed for several days because of its proximity to the local Coast Guard station, so we had to settle for lobster at another restaurant in Southwest Harbor.

Our return connecting flight from Bangor was through Boston Logan which remained closed. We played it until the very end hoping that Boston Logan would open, but after an evening dinner at a Thai restaurant in Bangor, we decided to drive the Hertz rental car back to Nashville, TN. If we hadn't been so eager to free our dogs from the kennel in Nashville, we would've stayed in Bar Harbor.

Thanks so much for developing/maintaining the site. Our review of it prior to the trip sold us on making it the target of our vacation - one of the best vacation decisions we've ever made!

Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001
From: Jeff T.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Thank you!
We just returned from our 2nd trip to Acadia and Bar Harbor. During our trip we followed your recommendations; everyday we kept a copy of your guide with us. This trip was very special to us as we got engaged during our trip (while biking at Eagle Lake). From climbiing the Beehive, to hiking at Echo Beach, to eating at Beal's Lobster Pound and dining at Jordan Pond House (what a great outdoor eating experience, beautiful!!), we had a wonderful time especially due to your recommendations. Great guide writing! Thank you again.

Mara and Jeff, New York City

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000
From: Sharon L.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Mt. Desert Island

Dear Larry and Michelle,
Thank you for all the great info on your site. We had 2 1/2 days to spend on the island (but worth the 5 hour drive from Massachusetts!), not nearly enough time, of course. We had both been to Mt. Desert before, but this was our first together. We followed many of your recommendations with happy results. When we drove up Cadillac Mt, it began to snow! Consequently the visibility was poor, but it sure was an adventure. Despite the weather, we truly enjoyed our stay at the Collier House in Old Town and blew off our diets to eat excellent food and wine at the Lompoc Cafe. Next time we go, we certainly will plan to spend more time. Thanks again!

Sharon and John

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: THANK YOU!

My boyfriend and I just returned from our first (and certainly not the last) trip to Acadia and Bar Harbor. We kept a copy of your "guide" in our back pocket at all times and followed most of your tips, from the sunset on Cadillac Mountain (we were the only people in the crowd prepared with wine and cheese, and we caught many jealous glances) to Beal's Lobster Pound (we had our last meal there, before driving back to New Jersey). You put together a wonderful guide. It was unbelievably helpful to us and made our short time on the island an incredible experience.

Thanks again for taking the time.

Melissa W.,
Wood Ridge, New Jersey

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Bar Harbor and Acadia

Thank you for your wonderful recommendations on restaurants and shopping in Bar Harbor. I just returned from my third trip to Maine, my first to Bar Harbor. You were "right on the money" when you recommended Beal's Lobster Pound, and I found the shops you mentioned to be unique and offering high quality merchandise. Mount Desert Island is truly a sight to behold!

LaVerne R.

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000
From: Greg D.
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Acadia and Bar Harbor

Thanks for the fantastic website on Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It was a great way to familiarize myself before I boarded a bus in Buffalo for the trip to Maine. Bar Harbor, Acadia and surrounding area are as stunning as you described, and your tip on visiting Beal's Lobster Pound was one of many highlights to the trip. Thanks again, I'll never forget my trip!!!

Greg D.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Acadia and Bar Harbor

Thank you for brightening up a rather stressful day. I was working through lunch, decided I needed a 5 minute vacation, and typed "bar harbor" into Dogpile.com. I found your page and off I went down the carriage paths again.

I have made about 12 trips to Bar Harbor having been introduced to the island by an old girlfriend. That girlfriend is long gone, but since then I have proposed, honeymooned, anniversaried and vacationed on the island.

I agree with your assessments. I would like to add that for me, walking around Jordan Pond (about 3.6 miles) and having an ice cream filled popover as a reward has become a welcome ritual. The popovers are now available downtown, but are not as good when you have not "earned" it though a hike.

Oh, I would also like to add that, while technically not on the island, the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound is also excellent!

Again, thanks for a wonderful page.

     John G.

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: great website

What a wonderful resource your website is . . . thanks from all of us out here trying to get our bearings for a first visit. It really helped.

Joan W., Toronto

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Guide to Acadia

Just returned from our third trip to Acadia, the last being 18 years ago. Wow. What changes have occurred in Bar Harbor and in THE CROWDS! Thunder Hole was like another place all together, completely rebuilt with walkways & stainless railings (no thunder, of course, just the occasional burp - can never get there at the right time, regardless of the decade). Crowds were the real drawback with cars parked on both sides of the loop road in places and seemingly for miles on either side of an attraction. Fortunately, some of the really terrific spots were not as heavily trafficked, though not what you'd ever call private.

Your guide was a terrific help to finding places and seeing sights we'd missed in the past. We had our 14 year old son with us who loves to rock scramble - he was in heaven (until he & and mother conspired to drop his camera at/on Otter Point). My wife especially thanks you for Beals - she ate lobster 3 of 5 days up there and my son tried lobster for the first time - a real feat for him to try anything new - he wasn't thrilled and switched to grilled cheese at the Beals dock).

With my knees we aren't the most adventurous hikers but do enjoy more moderate hiking and really enjoyed walking Great Head and a couple of other remarkable spots. The views and vistas of Mt. Desert Island are all that I remembered and more, mostly because we discovered many new and glorious places on the Island. Missed the biking on the carriage paths (it rained that day) but we did the carriage ride to the top of Day Mountain and also did a whale watch. We sure hope to get back there sooner than 18 more years although being from the Atlantic City area the 11 hour drive is very tedious.

Thanks for putting together such an informative and helpful web site. Acadia is surely a glorious place!

Norman U.

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Your Pages/Our Trip
My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Maine. We looked at your pages before and after our trip, perhaps enjoying the 'after' look even more. It is everything you said. We only had 2 days in Bar Harbor/ Acadia but we will never forget them.
Thanks for a lovely guide and some happy memories.

Sandy from Baltimore

Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: The Bermels' Guide- Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park!
Dear Michele & Larry,
Hello. First of all WOW! What a fabulous place - the whole region of Mt. D. Island, Bar Harbor & Acadia N. Park. My wife and spent the last 5 which led into 7 days of a our 14 day vacation that we will never forget. We reside in Kennett Square, PA. just outside of Wilmington, DE. We started (drove) September 7th to the Finger Lakes Region (Wine Country) of N.Y. for 3 days, then off to Montreal for 1 day, followed by a stop at Bromont, Quebec for an outdoor resort all inclusive 3-day stop, ending for 5 days which soon turned into 7 at Acadia. Of our two-week, 2,500 miles by car experience, Acadia National Park's views from the mountains will be sketched on our minds forever.

We (Judy and I) could not believe it has taken us 29 years to get up to the most beautiful place in North America. We used your guide with great success. We were hiking fools (Thunder Cove, Canyon Brook Trail, Dorr Mt., Beachcroft Trail, Mt. Champlain, Bear Brook Trail, Otter Point, Cadillac Mt. & sunsets there, Gorham Mt., The Bowl, and I actually made the "BEEHIVE" climb (being afraid of heights does not help); we are saving the Precipice for next year.) We would hike in the early morning - midday with the help of your suggested book, Walk In the Park. We met Tom G. at his Micro Brewery, "Maine Coast Brewery," a great, small pub with great ales and friendly people. We ate Lobster every night, you just have to. I could not believe the expense, $18 for 2 and 1/2 lb. lobsters, and clams and corn! It's a hard thing to pass up. We tried Lobsters at The Chart House, The Pier, Fisherman's Pier, and *Beal's Lobster Pound a few times. It was the best by far, you're right. It is a little out of the way but well worth it. *Get there early it closes at 6pm. Jordan's for breakfast with amazing Blueberry Syrup, Ben and Bill's rules for sweets.

We did Whale Watch,via Catamaran and did see 3 Hump-Backs, schools of dolphins, etc. We camped (-tented) at Barcadia Camp Grounds, $25 a night, can't beat it or we thought. Then after talking to some natives they suggested the Narrows Campground, they were right. Ocean-view camping, you open your tent and there is the ocean, also $25 a night with hot-water and running showers. The pictures we took do not do it justice. The more we try to explain the place the more we wanted to get in our car and go back. It is a powerful, beautiful experience.

We could go on and on but will not take up anymore of your time. We again would like to thank you so much, our trip would not have been as exciting or creative if we hadn't used your guide. We have already given your Web site address to so many of our friends. We now have a trip planned every year to our spot, we still have so much to see.

Dan & Judy R.

Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: Mount Desert Island Trip

Thank you for putting together some really great tips about Acadia National Park. My then girlfriend and I took our summer vacation out there. I proposed to her on the top of Gorham Mountain. We are doing great and plan to get married next September. I appreciated all the tips of the different restaurants in Bar Harbor, and we really enjoyed the beautiful hiking. I even ran into another person who was using your web site as a guide there.

Thanks again
Scott & Elizabeth

Date: Tue, 19 May 1998
To: Larry @ acadiabarharbor.com
Subject: The Bermel Guide

Thank you for putting this great website together about Acadia and the Bar Harbor area. We are two young-at-heart senior citizen couples who have planned many vacations in the US and Europe. We will be in Bar Harbor in mid-July, and will try out your suggestions.

We do a lot of research to find the things that make a trip really wonderful....special places to see at the "best" time, unusual good food, etc. Your site was so full of the help a tourist needs that I had to stop to say a big THANK YOU.

The Internet provides a way of sharing up-to-date information about the world which makes our lives a wonderful adventuring experience...because of people like you who take the time to share personal moments, good and bad.

Thanks to you and your family,
Art K.

Fri Aug 22 08:27:39 1997
Subject: Bar Harbor

Hello, Larry and Michele

My wife Reva and I just returned from a vacation in Maine. We spent three days in Bar Harbor, partly as a result of reading your guide. This has been a wonderful experience, and we wish to express our thanks to you for sharing your experience and encouraging us. We saw a great sunset from Cadillac Mountain, had coffee and popovers at the Jordan Pond House, took several guided tours: Otter Point, Carriage Roads, Baker Island. We also followed your recommendations and had breakfast at Jordan's, lunch and dinner at the Pier, ice cream at Ben and Bill's. Had we had more time, we would have taken a kayak tour, gone bicycling, etc.

During our tour of the Carriage road, we learned that John Rockefeller Jr. was personally very involved with the planning, design and construction. He had previously gained experience by building carriage roads at Pocantico, now the Rockefeller State Park near Tarrytown (also near Chappaqua). On our way back to King of Prussia, PA, we visited that site and walked along some of the paths. After Acadia, it was a little disappointing: the weather was hot and humid, the park is not as well maintained as Acadia. There were very few visitors (this was on a Monday afternoon).

I also found out that Michele is running for the New York State Supreme Court. Please accept our best wishes, since we cannot vote in your state.

Regards, Dan and Reva

Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997
Subject: Bermels' Guide to Mt. Desert

I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed your guide to Mt. Desert that I stumbled into last night on the web. We have been visiting the island since the early 1970's and keep returning year after year as you do. We always have camped or stayed in hotels, but this year we are finally renting a cottage/house and will be in touch with the agent you recommended. We have already heard from a few of the other ones on the island. I will take you up on your offer to comment on a specific property once we have isolated one.

Again, thanks for the enjoyable guide. We agree with your assessments and neither of us like sushi either!

Bonnie S.
Boxford, Mass.

Date: Mon, 12 May 1997
Subject: Your Bar Harbor Page - Great!

Hi. Just wanted to congratulate you on a beautifully done Bar Harbor area page. Sitting here in Bar Harbor, with my father living in Chappaqua (where I went to high school), you can imagine I was surprised to see your Chappaqua address. We have a cottage rental business here in Bar Harbor, called Windward Cottages. I came across your page when I was looking for tide charts. Not sure how that one happened, but I was glad to see your page and will point our guests to it! We are working on a page for our business, so I understand how much work went into yours. Nice job!

Virginia P.

Date: Thu, 15 May 1997
Subject: acadia guide

i just finished reading your guide. we go ever year in sept. this year will be # 8 or 9. i agree with many of your comments and just want to compliment you on a nice piece of work. your comments in "and finally" were exactly my sentiments. thanks.

Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997
Subject: Nice site on Acadia

Doing a little surfing to check out any new sites on Acadia, and found yours. Why I haven't before now, I'm not sure. But this is very nice. I have yet to read the entire page, but I wanted to check out the accuracy by starting with breakfast restaurants. OK. You're safe: Jordan's is a small percentage of the reason I journey up there so often. Ahh the Blues! And you have my choice for a hiking guide. Good again. Anyways I've added your link to my links page. I'm not sure if you're interested at all in poetry. But if you are (and even if you're not) stop by and check out Acadian Cadences: http://www.seacoast.com/~greperry/acadset.htm

Always nice to talk to someone whose souls have been touched by that something in Acadia.


Date: Mon, 09 Jun 97
Subject: Bar Harbor

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading your "tour" of Bar Harbor. You have captured the "spirit" of the place very nicely. I have lived (that's summer only) on or near MDI for more than 40 years ... it is a very unique place. Thanks for getting me ready for yet another season in ME!

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 97
Subject: Bar Harbor

okay...I'm in Iowa, so my excursion on the net is to find a great spot to celebrate my 40th birthday next year. I decided on Bar Harbor, and your writings have made my decision absolute! I'm planning on a bed and breakfast, partly for atmosphere and because I will possibly be traveling alone and I it makes for a nice "you're not really alone" feel to it. (I can pretend those inn-keepers are family, but just leave them for the day...right?!) I'm considering The Tides, The Inn at Canoe Point, and Mira Monte. I'm not into pretentious-ness...so I don't need elaborate accomodations, just thought these served the purpose of privacy and nice-ities.....any comments? If not, that's okay. I just wanted you to know your information was of tremendous interest, was well written, and I do appreciate your efforts for those of us 'newcomers' to Bar Harbor. Enjoyed the photos, too!

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997
Subject: Guide to Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your guide. I first visited Mount Desert Island around 1974 myself, more or less by accident: I was on my way home to Prince Edward Island from Ontario, via the Bluenose ferry and Nova Scotia. By the time I got to Bar Harbor, I just had a couple of hours of daylight left, but enough for a drive round the Park Loop Road. My ferry reservation was for the following morning, but I quickly realized I just had to return to see more. I've been doing so for at least a long weekend almost every year since; I always hate to leave, and when I'm not there, often spend time thinking about my next visit. If someone were to tell me I could never travel anywhere again except to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, I'd be disappointed, but not too much. A day spent hiking in the park is just about the best thing to do anywhere, and Bar Harbor may be touristy, but I'm a tourist when I'm there, and I love it, too!

Hope we all have many happy returns.

John P.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997
Subject: Acadia

Dear Larry and Michele,

My wife and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for such a great "insider's" guide to the area. This was our second trip to the island and it was by far the best. On our first trip, ten years ago on our honeymoon, we ate at all of the "touristy" places and were quite disappointed. We were very amused when we realized that we had eaten at everyone of the restaurants you had listed as restaurants to avoid! Armed with that knowledge, this time we decided to try some of the places you recommended.

We ate at The Pier, Jordan Pond House, Ben and Bill's and Beal's Lobster Pound. We both agreed that the places were definitely as described. Of those, the Jordan Pond House was probably the best. They had great popovers and service. Ben and Bill's had fantastic Ice Cream, but we weren't brave enough to try the Lobster flavor, maybe next time! The Pier had good food, and a great view, but the service was somewhat lacking. We really didn't have a problem with it, but several of the tables around us got quite upset. Without knowing what a true Maine experience should be, we also stopped at Beal's. Unfortunately we did not bring any silverware and where not really as well prepared as we should have been. Also, my wife is a bit of a nature lover and was quite crushed at the idea of having to pick out a lobster to be killed. It would have been OK if it just showed up cooked, but having to sentence one to its death was too much for her. Also, both of us are probably not quite as good at eating lobster as we should have been and so we wound up not enjoying the experience as much as we could have. Don't take that as negative, it's just that next time we'll know how to do it right. Also, when we tried to go to the Porcupine Grille, it was closed for renovations. It looked like it would be a great place.

We did find a good place in Northeast Harbor, on Main Street called The Colonel's Restaurant. It is a deli and bakery and has some very good sandwich's. The first day we were there we went to The Colonel's Deli (in front of the restaurant) and ordered a sandwich to go, that we ate before taking a sunset cruise out of the harbor. It was fantastic, as was the boat trip. One day we stopped at the restaurant for lunch and found it to be just as good. You should try it next time you are there.

We actually stayed in Northeast Harbor, at the Asticou Inn. We had stayed there on our honeymoon, but had to stay in a cabin since the actual Inn was closed. Unfortunately the Inn was a bit of a let down. It was too pooh-pooh cah-cah for us, but since we had stayed there on our honeymoon, we felt like we should stay there on our 10 year anniversary. Our room was not really charming, it was just old, but it did have a great view of the harbor and breakfasts at the Inn were quite good. Northeast Harbor didn't have a whole lot to offer, but my wife really enjoyed the Kimball Shop. The folks there were definitely snobby, but they did have some great stuff.

We went to all of the shops you mentioned and quite a few more and agreed with your assessment of all of them. One thing we were quite happy to discover, that while the place was quite "touristy", most of the stuff wasn't really overpriced.

One thing we did and enjoyed immensely was to stay in Portland on the way up. That allowed up to stop in Freeport late at night, after 10pm, and go to L.L. Bean. It is a spectacular place (the 2nd most visited place in Maine) and from 10pm to 2am, we found it quite uncrowded. We stopped there on the way back, in the middle of the afternoon and ran into a traffic jam and could not find any parking within a mile of the place. Freeport is packed during the day, and the shops there can be found in most other parts of the country, so its best to avoid it during normal hours.

As usual the park was spectacular. We were there the weekend before the Fourth of July in the evening and found it nearly empty. On our stop at Otter Point we saw the sunset, a school of porpoises and an eagle! The half an hour we spent there alone would have made the whole trip worthwhile.

Needless to stay we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We are already planning on going back next year. We decided to really go in pampered style next year, though. We are planning on staying at the B&B, Breakwater 1904. It is a spectacular place with immaculate furnishings and a huge porch with a fantastic view of Frenchman's Bay. We're also going to try Lumpoc's, The Porcupine Grill, some of the others again and some new ones we can find...

Thanks again, you helped make a very enjoyable vacation, a fantastic one!

Peter and Cindy

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997
Subject: Kindred souls?

I ran across your Mt. Desert Island web page and couldn't resist dropping you a note. Practically every sylable of your description of paradise could have been written by my wife and me. Reading your descriptions and recommendations about the island is like reading the diary that we have kept of our visits there. About the only difference is that we have not had any difficulty in finding places to rent that would allow us to bring our dog. (Of course, we rented the same place for about 10 years running.)

We will be off for a two week stay on August 29, and can hardly wait to get there. Just wanted to let you know what great job you did of describing the real Mt. Desert Island!

Larry & Sandy

Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997
Subject: Thank you

Hello Larry and Michele,

I'm writing from Italy and hope this is the right address to communicate with you. I've been in the US last month for holydays and spent 4 days with my family in the Park. We arrived there with an hotel reservation and nothing else but your printed WWW pages. I would say thank you for the very true and detailed guide and for making your experience available to everybody else. Staying in the park has been an unforgettable experience: the kids, Jacopo 12 and Leo 7, remember everything of that days and often talk each other about that days, about the whales they saw, about the small sharks (yes, sharks) they found on the beach with the low tide. The mix of ocean and mountain scenes is really unique, the Frenchman Bay view is so restful you can look at it for hours. Otter Point is wonderful and we enjoyed twice the magic of the sunset from Cadillac mountain: I've never seen a twilight like that. I'm an amateur photographer and the park offers you thousands of opportunities to shoot. Even if I've been several times in the US and visited other famous beaches and parks, I've found Acadia Natl Park standing alone with its pecularities.

We had breakfast at Jordan's, we had diner at Beal's Lobster pound (we went twice): delicious lobsters with the small bay in front of you and the sun going down. During that days your pages had become a friendly presence. When the kids asked: "What can we do now?" I answered, looking at your pages: "Just a moment, let me see what our friend says". You Americans have this good habit to easily share your experience and the web is a powerful tool to do that: so everybody can take advantage. If I can suggest something I'd include Carlo Pizza among the restaurants: being Italian I know pizzas pretty well and Carlo's has a good one, quite similar to the original.

Bar Harbor is a nice town: in the era of the big chains (hotels, restaurants, stores) where you see the same bedroom furniture and the food has the same taste, no matter if you are in Seattle or Miami, Bar Harbor preserves quite well its own characteristics and walking through its small streets is a pleasant experience. Nice town, breathtaking nature and wildlife, peaceful days: now my wife and I want to repeat the experience as soon as possible. We'd like to try a good bed and breakfast and we'll need your help.

Thanks again for having driven us to the park.

Hope to hear from you soon

Ernesto, Leila, Jacopo and Leonardo